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Dr. Reina Mori

Associate Professor, Teikyo University Center for General Education.
Adjunct Researcher, Waseda University Institute for Information, Coordination and Innovation.

Doctoral course, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies (completion without degree). Assumed present post in 2018 after being appointed as Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies and Lecturer at Teikyo University Centre for Teaching and Learning. PhD (Interdisciplinary Information Studies). Born in Suginami, Tokyo, December 1977.

Majored in Education and Lifelong Learning. With an interest in people who continue to study and the society in which such people live, I am continually researching and practicing lifelong study, centring on workshops, cafe events, and project-type studies. Since 2013, I have been proactively supporting “learning after the age of 40,” in particular, by means of domestic and international studies and action research, etc. through the establishment of the “Learningful Ageing” project.
Awarded the 2008 Japan Society for Educational Technology Research Award.
Awarded the 2010 Japan Society for Educational Technology Best Paper Award (awarded paper: “The Expertise in Workshop Design: Focusing on Turning Points in the Careers of Workshop Organizers”).
Main publications include “Expertise in designing workshops and the direction of human resources development” (sole author, Hituzi Shobo), “Learningful Ageing: Potentialities of learning in a highly aged society” (co-author, Minerva Shobo) and “Workshop Design” (co-author, Keio University Press).

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